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Two plants, two approaches to Corporate Sustainability

Fireside chat with Dr Ioannis Ioannou on Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Innovation

Transforming organisations into Sustainable ones is a need as We’re All in this together.  Companies, as Dr Ioannis Ioannou mentions, need to choose their approach to sustainability by either taking common or unique actions. “The common actions, are actions companies absolutely need to do to be in middle…if you don’t follow the best-practices, chances are you’re gone be in a competitive disadvantage… If you want to be a leader you also need to think what you’re doing uniquely well, what is differentiating you well”.
As we celebrate Earth’s Day today, and with Biden’s Climate Summit starting, Dr Ioannis Ioannou also leaves a message for the World Politicians and Business Leaders meeting these 2 days. To have an overview on his innovative approach, listen to this podcast.


Earth Day – #RestoreOurEarth

As the Earth day approaches and lockdowns started to ease, which action are you taking from Earth’s day onwards to also contribute to #RestoreourEarth? How about collaborating to a research so more sustainable products will be produced and sold in the near future? Check it on this post….


Closing the Loop – Screening the Documentary

Closing the Loop, an award winner Circular Economy documentary will be screened by SustainAbility in Habit founder followed by a chat. This Sunday at 15h00 GMT/16h00 CET

Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment

A podcast interview to Prof Dr Wayne Visser on Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment some companies have made recently. Do you want to learn more about it? Just listen to this interview.


Energy Transition investments

Global investments in energy transition increased by 9%, reaching over $500 billion in 2020. Have corporate PPAs been fuelling the energy transition? Read the article…



How to achieve Net-Zero. Neutralizations instead of Compensation, is key.


Making Peace with Nature

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General said “our war on nature has left the planet broken”. Climate Change impact needs to be mitigated, is time to fully #MindTheGap, make Peace with Nature so we can keep enjoying it whilst reducing GHG emissions, globally. Think Globally, Act Locally.


FMCG industry – is the therapy worth?

Retail therapy has been used by many as a way to evade. Although people often feel better after that, the practice hasn’t been sustainable, as any other where consumerism has taken control of our lives and the resouces of our planets. FMCG is responsible for the majority of global GHG emissions. More circular business models should be adopted.


The Fashion Industry

Clothing is a basic need as it is food. They are also the top 2 industries with highest water usage. But both also waste a lot of the inputs and output they generate. Efficiencies are highly requested in the Fashion industry. Otherwise, it risks to be ironically labelled as unfashionable.


Fossil Fuels

Our past activity has been sustained by burning fossil fuels. Many by-products have been created, as illustrated in oil refining tower, to support the demand of multiple products we all use, one way or another. Yet, this behaviour is not sustainable.


Celebrating the Paris Agreement

5 years have gone since the Paris Agreement was approved at the last session of COP21. The agreement is slowly being adopted and implemented but more is needed to be done.