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Packaging waste

According to Pew research, currently 11 million tonnes of plastic leakage into the ocean annually, 37.5% more than previous forecast. If we don’t break this trend it’s estimated a 172.7% increase by 2040… Usually plastic leakage starts in rivers, as the picture shows, and the water stream pushes it into the oceans.


Energy Access

Energy is a basic good and its distribution, a basic need. Although great progress has been made since energy access data started to be collected in 1990 by the World Bank, as shown in the graphic below, not all have access to it yet. The last decade of the XX century experienced a rampant improvement in the energy access.

Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment

A podcast interview to Prof Dr Wayne Visser on Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment some companies have made recently. Do you want to learn more about it? Just listen to this interview.