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To the women and the men,

In October 1929 Canada started to include women as persons in their constitution allowing them to hold positions in the Senate. This has paved the way for women in all professional fields.


Three reasons to fall in love with sustainability

generations can access and use them to the same extent permitting similar or better living conditions. So, it’s not only for the future but also for the present! Hence, I’m sharing with you the 3 fundamental reasons why you’ll fall in love with sustainability as soon as you realise the good of it.


The Corporate Agenda – Sustainability on Board?

As more companies realised Climate Change is a joint effort whose risks will be better mitigated with more companies tackling the challenge materially, actions increased. 6,380 companies announced pledges. Where’s sustainability on the corporate agenda?


Sustainable Leadership – a game changer

Sustainable leadership demands bold, authentic and forward thinking actions to be credible and hence, a game changer. Building strong institutions is part of the game.


Will COP26 accelerate the path to Net-Zero?

The effort countries expect to make, recently communicated through the updated NDCs are welcome. The World has become #onestepgreener. Given that not all the parties have updated their NDCs and only 60% of G20 countries have set #Net-Zero targets, can #COP26 succeed in managing the global GHG emissions effectively? Are we #togetherforourplanet?


NDCs, latest update… The Planet will lose 3 kgs but needs to lose at least another 19 kgs…

The Planet will lose 3 kgs but needs to lose at least another 19 kgs. Could #greenwashing be penalised as negative externality? Although a progress has been made in 8 percentage points, from the NDCs presented in 2016, alignment with 1.5ºC global warming pathway demands….


How’s the New Year sustainable resolution? What has been of 2020? A mid-year review…

As we’re now in July, less than half-way through the end of 2021, it’s time to do a balance on our New Year sustainable resolutions and the World top global challenges.


Packaging waste

According to Pew research, currently 11 million tonnes of plastic leakage into the ocean annually, 37.5% more than previous forecast. If we don’t break this trend it’s estimated a 172.7% increase by 2040… Usually plastic leakage starts in rivers, as the picture shows, and the water stream pushes it into the oceans.


International Workers’ Day

Today, 1st of May, the World celebrates the International Workers’ Day or May Day. Although the USA has just elected Kamala Harris as its first female Vice-President and a few years ago, Janet Yellen was the first female leading the FED, there are some counties that have been following the opposite trend in the past 15 years.

Two plants, two approaches to Corporate Sustainability

Fireside chat with Dr Ioannis Ioannou on Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Innovation

Transforming organisations into Sustainable ones is a need as We’re All in this together.  Companies, as Dr Ioannis Ioannou mentions, need to choose their approach to sustainability by either taking common or unique actions. “The common actions, are actions companies absolutely need to do to be in middle…if you don’t follow the best-practices, chances are you’re gone be in a competitive disadvantage… If you want to be a leader you also need to think what you’re doing uniquely well, what is differentiating you well”.
As we celebrate Earth’s Day today, and with Biden’s Climate Summit starting, Dr Ioannis Ioannou also leaves a message for the World Politicians and Business Leaders meeting these 2 days. To have an overview on his innovative approach, listen to this podcast.