Month: Dec 2021

Christmas Sustainable Suggestions

Sustainable Christmas Suggestions



In the long-awaited COP26, 197 parties have agreed to voluntarily comply with Paris Agreement’s articles in a global and shared effort to mitigate the negative impacts of Climate Change, now common and more robust knowledge. Notwithstanding, some nations prefer to ride freely, preventing the Planet to further progress on its population’s wellbeing. Some of its population oppose this attitude but the adopted strategy shows … Read More COP26


You choose, SustainAbility in Habit delivers

Dear SustainAbility in Habit follower, As a year-end gift, I would like to offer you a free webinar on a topic of your choice. Please pick one from those I’ve posted in the last 12 months and let me know. The one with highest demand will be chosen and the webinar delivered at the end of this year. Looking forward to hearing your choice. … Read More You choose, SustainAbility in Habit delivers