Month: Apr 2021


Energy Access

Energy is a basic good and its distribution, a basic need. Although great progress has been made since energy access data started to be collected in 1990 by the World Bank, as shown in the graphic below, not all have access to it yet. The last decade of the XX century experienced a rampant improvement in the energy access.

Two plants, two approaches to Corporate Sustainability

Fireside chat with Dr Ioannis Ioannou on Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Innovation

Transforming organisations into Sustainable ones is a need as We’re All in this together.  Companies, as Dr Ioannis Ioannou mentions, need to choose their approach to sustainability by either taking common or unique actions. “The common actions, are actions companies absolutely need to do to be in middle…if you don’t follow the best-practices, chances are you’re gone be in a competitive disadvantage… If you want to be a leader you also need to think what you’re doing uniquely well, what is differentiating you well”.
As we celebrate Earth’s Day today, and with Biden’s Climate Summit starting, Dr Ioannis Ioannou also leaves a message for the World Politicians and Business Leaders meeting these 2 days. To have an overview on his innovative approach, listen to this podcast.


Earth Day – #RestoreOurEarth

As the Earth day approaches and lockdowns started to ease, which action are you taking from Earth’s day onwards to also contribute to #RestoreourEarth? How about collaborating to a research so more sustainable products will be produced and sold in the near future? Check it on this post….


Closing the Loop – Screening the Documentary

Closing the Loop, an award winner Circular Economy documentary will be screened by SustainAbility in Habit founder followed by a chat. This Sunday at 15h00 GMT/16h00 CET

Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment

A podcast interview to Prof Dr Wayne Visser on Circular Economy and the Circular Economy Commitment some companies have made recently. Do you want to learn more about it? Just listen to this interview.